Endurance Films’ “Soup”-Style Infotainment News Show Going Strong As Series

Endurance Films’ “Soup”-Style Infotainment News Show Going Strong As Series

October 2nd, 2013

Sponsors and Advertisers Find Fresh Audience in Mainstream Entertainment Content

LOUISVILLE, KY – October 2, 2013 – Endurance Films, the top producer and distributor of endurance sports training multimedia, today announced that its original show, Endurance Zone, would go forward for a full season. Endurance Zone, presented in the fashion of TV’s The Soup, is a tongue-in-cheek rundown of news, tips and tidbits from the endurance sports world. Episode three, which includes an offbeat segment from Interbike 2013, was just released.  Check it out here!

Having found a viral following, Endurance Zone delivers content to endurance athletes in a proven and popular mainstream entertainment format – the comedic, satirical style of content an audience seeks in shows such as The Soup or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“At some point people have had enough run or swim tips and just want to be entertained,” explained Endurance Films’ owner, Eric Feller. “And, more so than for our other products, a lot of the audience opting in has been young professional adults – the most coveted marketing demographic.” Since the airing of the first episode, Endurance Films has been fielding an array of inquiries from businesses seeking to explore advertising and sponsorship possibilities. “The leaders of our industry are smart and they know that just making customers laugh can increase their bottom lines,” added Feller. “I think people realize the potential for both viral distribution and series longevity.”

“It’s fun for us. That’s the first test the show has to pass,” exclaimed host and Endurance Films VP, Danny Kolker, “I never would have believed that my job would require that I call out Chrissie Wellington for not peeing on the gym floor,” Kolker paused, then explained, “You just have to watch.”

The first three episodes of Endurance Zone are available for immediate online viewing at: http://www.endurancefilms.com/store/blog/welcome-to-the-endurance-zone

Endurance Films is eagerly seeking suggestions for Endurance Zone show segments. Ideas and stories can be posted on the Endurance Films Facebook page or emailed to Team@endurancefilms.com.

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